Dave Yates is chosen for the 2006-2008 Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence.

2006-2008 recipient of the Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence Dave Yates (left) holds his System Syzer next to Plumbing & Mechanical publisher George Zebrowski. PM is a sponsor of the award.

At the 2006 National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers Annual Meeting in Hartford, Conn., Dan Holohan announced the name of the new recipient of the Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence, which is passed on every two years to the individual who best represents leadership qualities in the heating industry.

Dave Yates (F.W. Behler Inc, York, Pa.) was chosen for his commitment to education for the future of the industry, his selfless giving of time and volunteering for industry causes, and his contribution through seminars and writing, says the 2004-2006 recipient, Robert Bean (Healthy Heating, Alberta, Canada). The award is a large, framed Bell & Gossett System Syzer®. It is named in honor of Gil Carlson, one of the founding fathers of modern hydronic heating, and hydronic guru Holohan. It is sponsored byPlumbing & MechanicalandPM Engineermagazines.

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